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back home now. will write long update tomorrow. briefly -
  • wearing steel toe-cap boots through metal detectors is a bad idea
  • apfelwein (frankfurt/hesse cider) is bitter but palatable. for some reason, it is offered diluted as well as neat. when i drank some at the funfair i was mocked as if they could not believe a foreigner would have neat apfelwein. this would make sense except it tastes quite weak.
  • some wikipedians aren't geeks!
  • a crazy man wants to start up sign language wikipedias, featuring video footage of people signing articles. this i think will be very interesting to edit!
  • tlh.wikipedia.org has a limited life expectancy
  • richard stallman is still mad
  • i should make openid support for mediawiki
  • jimbo can dance.
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My feet have just about stopped hurting!

Bored now.
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Mixed night.

Went to meet [livejournal.com profile] lady_miamew at Jacey's ahead of Retribution. Then I got to one of these random branching points in life. I chose to go left into the left-hand bar to look for her, and circled round to the back, into the right-hand bar, walked past the pool table, and got some horrific abuse shouted at me by some chav scumbags who were playing pool. Utterly shaken, I found Abi and sit down and nearly started crying.

Went to Retribution reasonably soon after that. Lots of people out tonight, particularly good to see Emma who I'd not seen in ages... Had fun dancing in my new boots, although my feet now hurt. (they are barely big enough. hopefully they are broken in now, although it feels like it's my feet that have been broken in). At Retribution, I got a random compliment from some guy - he came up to me, said something like that I was looking the best that he'd seen me looking, and then vanished. It is strange how people's reactions to me vary.

Rather tired now, and my feet hurt. I think next week I'll be wearing my nice oversize flat work boots.
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I have New Rocks!

Update: pictures )


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