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I made my London DJ debut at the Monarch in Camden tonight, at Time-Space Quizualiser event. I think there was some kind of quiz going on in between my sets but I wasn't really paying attention. Here's the setlist (I think it might even be mostly in the right order.) Ten points to the first person who can spot the theme.

Ron Grainer - Doctor Who theme
Orbital - Who?

break for quiz

The Timelords - Doctorin' the TARDIS

break for quiz

John Barrowman, David Tennant and Catherine Tate - The Ballad of Russell and Julie
Jon Pertwee - Who Is The Doctor
Who Cares? - Doctor in Distress
Ian Levine - K-9 and Company theme
The Go-Go's - I'm Going to Spend My Christmas With A Dalek
Roberta Tovey - Who's Who
Delia Derbyshire - Doctor Who theme (1963)
Murray Gold - I Am The Doctor (2010)
Art Brut - I Am The Psychic (fragment) 1
Murray Gold - The Majestic Tale (2012)
John Debney - Doctor Who theme (1996)
EightBitBaconStrips - Doctor Who theme
Tim Minchin - Doctor Who theme
Delia Derbyshire/Peter Howell/Dominic Glynn/Keff McCulloch/John Debney/Murray Gold - Doctor Who theme (1963-2010)

Unfortunately I was unable to find the wrongest cover of any Doctor Who music: I am the Kefftor, a cover of "I Am the Doctor" in the style of Keff McCulloch. Listen to it, but prepare your ears first.

1. I'd searched my phone for "I Am" and that came on next. Oops.

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Me and my new housemate have been watching Doctor Who from The Start, from 1963. Got up to "The Dalek Invasion of Earth", watching episodes and recons (full recons, apart from "Marco Polo", which we watched the condensed DVD version of).

It is amazing how much more watchable the era is when in order, compared to my previous attempts. It's fascinating to see it using all sorts of storytelling techniques that would be abandoned by the 1970s and 1980s (Dalek Invasion cross-cuts between two exposition scenes where characters are being told more or less the same thing, to liven it up! It won't start doing this type of thing again until the Cartmel era.) The move to colour seems to have really harmed the ability to light things moodily.

Rather wickedly, I showed episode 1 of Dalek Invasion to housemate without revealing the name on the box. (Clearly it was structured so that the Daleks are the episode 1 cliffhanger reveal, but this secret was blown in pre-publicity.) She spent the entire episode figuring it must be the one where the Cybermen are introduced (because of the Robomen) and is now possibly unique in being surprised by the shot of the Dalek coming out of the water.

The ending is abrupt. We're not the first to notice that, of course, but Susan never even got to say goodbye to Ian and Barbara.

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So, it's 1990, it's October, and season 27 of Doctor Who starts. The first without John Nathan-Turner for ten years, although Andrew Cartmel remains as script editor. I don't have any memory of watching this at the time. Looking at dates, it was about the same time BBC2 started showing TNG, which I started following instead...

Doctor Who: Season 27: Thin Ice )

One nit: the Doctor's explanation for why the October revolution is celebrated in November is wrong. Who can tell me the correct answer, from the top of their heads?

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I have got to 1989's first story, Battlefield. It is an absolute delight. Smartly-written, full of one-liners, and fairly well shot. It gives us a bit more development of the companion, Ace - we knew she blew up the art room at school - we now get to find out how - and a character for her to form a bond with. It also features the last appearance of the Brigadier in Doctor Who, who is given a fitting send-off, I think. I defended his involvement in Mawdryn Undead, but this is better for him as a character. And the ideas, which weren't too mysterious and unexplained, but also wasn't spoonfed... The monster is slightly bad but isn't outright terrible (I think it could work in another context, but it isn't quite right given the staging of the rest of it).

Did I mention I like this story? I think this (at least the special edition of it) is one that I could show to non-fans who like good television and not be at all ashamed of. Something I could not say very often so far about 1980s Doctor Who.

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This evening I watched "The Greatest Show in the Galaxy", by Stephen Wyatt, the final serial of season 25 (1988). I found it genuinely enjoyable as a piece of television, and probably the strongest McCoy story yet. It was particularly well-shot and edited (for this era), with very few instances of long lingering shots that I wondered why they aren't cutting from that yet. The story kept moving, and the backstory exposition - often a weak point in Doctor Who - was handled carefully.

Guestcharacterwise, I particularly liked Mags. While she has been marginalised by Cook, an important part of the narrative is her regaining agency. Ace was also well-served, with a theme from the last story (her dealing with her fears in "Silver Nemesis"), being picked up on here! It's almost like we are getting some character development for a companion!

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My very slow Doctor Who marathon continues with Silver Nemesis, from season 25.

in which I am fairly scathing and spoilery )

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I watched "Time and the Rani" back in October 2010, and then halted. No particular reason. Now I have resumed, and have watched "Paradise Towers", being the second episode of season 24 (and the first one that Andrew Cartmel commissioned).

I like it! I can't find anything to be sarcastic about, even. It is a fun little story, and despite being 4 x 25, it doesn't feel particularly padded (although no doubt these days it would be fitted into a very tight 45 minutes). The various different factions are good, and I don't even care that the setup makes no sense at all, because it is entertainingly distracting. It is let down somewhat by the cleaners, and by the large side of ham in episode 4 (although that's fun, too), and the incidental music, but apart from that the production is awesome. Even Mel isn't too bad.
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Thus far all of my recent 1980s Doctor Who watching has been solo. This has changed, as I am now joined by [livejournal.com profile] ruthi, [livejournal.com profile] doseybat and [livejournal.com profile] pplfichi.

thoughts )
So: very mildly encouraging. Not amateurish like the worst of s22 and s23, just poor.
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I've skipped Revelation of the Daleks because I've seen it before.

The Trial of a Timelord is the first time since Mawdryn Undead (I think, there are a few that I've not watched since then), and only the second time in the 1980s that the show has attempted anything other than straightforwardly linear storytelling (not even a character having a flashback!), as the Doctor's trial is interspersed with evidence from three recent adventures. The entire fourteen-episode series makes one long story, with three other stories embedded into it.

The Trial of a Timelord: The Mysterious Planet )
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A Fix with Sontarans is a way better piece of television than The Two Doctors.
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planet of fire )
I'm going to watch the 4-episode version, with commentary to
see how it compares.
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Warriors of the Deep and Resurrection of the Daleks also 2010 series )

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spoilers: the whispering forest and the king's demons and the five doctors )

I've ordered Warriors of the Deep. I think this is where my
memories kick in, in that I certainly remember the old Silurians when I was little (4 1/2 I must have been). The other very strong memory I have is of carrot juice, so I must have been watching up to the end of s23 (when i was 7). I have no specific recollection of any stuff after that, except
for DiT of course...

A curious one is I remember very dimly K-9 and corridors. I don't even know if I'll know it when I see it. Must have been a repeat...
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terminus and enlightenment spoilers )

I am now listening to "The Whispering Forest", set between these and the next televised story.
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Doctor Who S18/19/20 notes and spoilers )


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