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So, it turns out the web mud client runs mostly fine on the Kindle's web browser:

MUD on a Kindle

I think I've done everything I need to make it ready for a public beta. Well, apart from actually porting the thing to the 2.5 codebase we are still running on the live site.
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I have a Roomba! (a robotic vacuum cleaner)

It has been tested under supervision in all the dry rooms of the flat and it seems to work great, although it can get stuck under the cover of the sofabed.

I am a little sad to discover that it doesn't try to do mental mapping of the rooms it cleans, it just does simple behaviours tweaked for a good probability of 95% coverage. This isn't the future I was promised. (Mind, even 20 years ago watching Tomorrow's World, I was rather cynical about such robotic dreams, knowing what little I did about programming then... Wolfram Alpha is another in a long line of people solving the easy half of a problem and then assuming the difficult half will be just as quick.)
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A prize to anyone who can spot the mistake (or possibly simply an innovative stylistic decision) here? Tsk. Google Maps data quality is pretty poor, but this.... Tsk.

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[livejournal.com profile] darkscape_club was very good last weekend. was worried about head but managed to stay out quite late. had hell to pay on the Sunday though. Cafe Scientifique on Tuesday was about ancient Egyptian astronomy and was really interesting. To top off yesterday's excitement, when I woke up and turned my computer on, I discovered that the hard disk had died. Put off buying a replacement until this afternoon and I'd had the phone call. In other news, I have been developing a cold. I'll try not to give it to anyone at [livejournal.com profile] zootalures amd [livejournal.com profile] 561's wedding on Saturday. (I'm very glad I took the precaution of phoning the hotel earlier this week confirming my booking: they hadn't got it on record. But do now. And I even have an email to prove it.)

Oh, and it's my birthday on Monday. I shall be 27.
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so, i seem to have upgraded to ADSL MAX! it worked, and bt didn't even need poking. now getting peak download speeds from mirror.ac.uk and bbc.co.uk of around 5 Mbit/sec - which is very nice indeed. I'm 100 times faster than my first modem! But it's still not enough. *cackle*


Apr. 25th, 2006 02:20 pm
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so i was looking at google maps today and I noticed something a little different. whee!
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to add another item to the list of IM clients I use, I have started using Google Talk. username same as on here. if anyone needs a gmail invite then i do have 50.

Google Talk is based on Jabber, the only real IM standard, which is really good as it means that I can use gaim to connect already, without someone having to hack it. Woo.
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Software patent bill thrown out (BBC). Vote was 648 to 14! This is a fantastic result. Now, will this be the end of the matter?
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Google maps now seem to have good detail images of the Donington area.

Ratcliffe power station, East Midlands Airport. Can't seem to find Donington Park, though haven't looked very hard.
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google maps now have more detailed satellite imagery of bits of the rest of the world.

The Oval, The Tower of London, Canary Wharf, Old Trafford, Medway Estuary

Found what appears to be a bridge under construction in Greece - which would be the Rio Antirio bridge.
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Google Maps appears to have acquired a knowledge of the rest of the world, although only outlines and borders and very zoomed out imagery.


And map of Leicester City Centre is greatly improved too, with one-way systems marked, as are some major institutions/buildings. (the universities, the infirmary, golf clubs, the shires, a few parks (but not viccy park). but not the haymarket or the stadiums.

still needs a lot of tweaking but it is nice to see some change.
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back in Lesta now.

have discovered that USB cablemodems tend to work better if you plug them into the machine you are actually trying to use them in. introduced [livejournal.com profile] secretlondon to sudoku and strangely whilst explaining it got better at it.

read most of Stranger in a Strange Land now. this is probably the least-well-ageing science fiction book i've ever read, due not to any technical advances or anachronisms or suchforth, but to the pervading misogyny in the work. you can tell stuff changed a lot between 1961 and 1966.
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iRiver now happy with re-rips of the old stuff that didn't work (it needed re-ripping anyway, due to improvements in the ogg encoder since the dark ages). have written a cheap synching tool that copies stuff into the iRiver that should be there and deletes stuff that shouldn't - and can set that status by just clicking a toggle link in my webui. woo.
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also crashes on sgt pepper. think I have localised the problem - it crashes on ogg files with no nominal bitrate set. which appears to include a bunch of very old ones I have.
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My iRiver arrived yesterday. I have been playing with it. Some observations -
  • wow, USB2 is fast.
  • It crashes on the White Album for some reason. Will upgrade firmware and see if this helps.
  • I need to write a synching tool that interfaces with my home-grown web-interface for music
  • Is a shame the use of usb-storage prohibits me from being able to copy stuff to the device whilst playing stuff on it
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having fun with maps.google.co.uk. So far I have discovered that :

It doesn't deal very well with house numbers. "10 Downing Street, London" does not produce a useful result. It doesn't find the two nearest chinese places, but does find the nearest chippy. It has a strange idea of where Elephant and Castle is (Bronti Close apparently), and doesn't know about the London Congestion Charge.

It has icons for tube and mainline stations in London, but not in Leicester (though it does show tracks everywhere).
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not just one RFC this month, but RFC 4042 also. this one introduces two new encoding formats of Unicode, called UTF-9 and UTF-18, for machines with a 9-bit byte.

kind of amusing but also a bit of a ripoff of ATF-8.
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I have been playing with xine. I managed to set it up so that it uses black as the chromakey colour for its image, and then run a mud session in a black-background terminal, so I had live streaming Angel as the background for my terminal. Beat that, Xrender!


Feb. 18th, 2005 06:19 pm
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After a succesful trial period. I've now started using gmail officially for all my mail (including mailing lists and suchforth).

Curiously this means I have changed my email address on livejournal from abigailb@gmail.com, to morwen@evilmagic.org - the evilmagic address now fowards to gmail rather than my underlying mailbox. This is the one you should use. I've set it to keep forwarding me stuff for archive purposes but I doubt I'll read my ntlworld.com email much.
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Well, I went into town and bought a few CDs and then came back and then came back to work and started listening to them... and destroyed my portable CD player. I think it may be fixable with tape. But blergh, I seem to have this habit of destroying electronics!

I think Dave from work is auditioning to be the 7th member of the Hives. He fails, though, as his trousers don't match the top.


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