Dec. 30th, 2010 02:47 pm
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my recipe for chicken fried rice thing )

If I stick to this it seems to come out OK. If the rice is too wet (either through overcooking or through not being left to dry for long enough), it causes problems; and the one time I actually properly screwed it up I was using an electric hob and didn't realise quite how hot it was, leading to burning.

It is possible to insert other things at step 9, obviously, or nothing at all. We tried random vegetable bits once, that worked quite well, I am told.
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This recipe originally came from [my great-aunt] Aunty Peggy. My mother, [ profile] ioannab, submitted it to "Food Aid" in 1986 (a cookery book to fundraise for the Ethiopian famine of that time, featuring a mix of recipes from celebrities and members of the public), and it made the cut. We have a copy at home, signed by various including I think Delia and Terry and Bob. Here is the copy of it supplied by [ profile] ioannab:

cheese shortbread recipe )

note to self: this doesn't make very much, remember to double quantities in future.
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mainly for my own reference:

my sponge cake recipe )
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So, either people like my flapjacks or there is some kind of strange and elaborate conspiracy to pretend they do.

my recipe for flapjacks )

[ profile] ioannab has sent me her recipe for Cheese Shortbread, which is likely to be my next baking project.


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